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Do you have Klout on Social Media?

Klout for Buzz 65

Do they love you on LinkedIn? Fawn over you on Facebook? Trust you on Twitter? Inspire on Instagram or go gooey-eyed over your Google+? The truth is it can be hard to measure your real impact on social media which is why many look to Klout.

Recruiters looking for social media savvy souls often rely upon Klout (www.klout.com) and can dismiss anyone with a score of much less than 50, rising to beyond 70 when they are looking for a heavy hitter. It can also be a valuable guide to the impact you are having on social media.

Of course you can look at the analytics on each platform and indeed you should if you are serious about promoting yourself or your business on social media. However through cunning algorithms Klout pulls this together and your score is gently rewarded simply by consistent publishing on channels simply registered with the app or website. However it is the engagement those posts encourage that really boosts your score – and you cannot fake that, hence gaining ‘Klout’ My own score has been in the low to mid 60s for some time now, which puts me in the top 10% of users with the average being only 40. Buzz has a Klout score of 52 and climbing as it shares great content from the magazine and website.
There is an issue for some over how they use different channels – you might be professional on LinkedIn but use Instagram for fun family photos or be totally crazy on Facebook. If you link them to Klout to boost your score your channels will be accessible to anyone visiting your Klout page.
Whatever you do if you want to measure your clout online you need Klout and if it doesn’t measure up. . . well be sure to ask Morgan PR for help!

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