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Avanatta: What Would Taylor Swift Do?

If you follow our Twitter feed (@avanatta), it might not have escaped you that we love a bit of Taylor Swift in our office. Well… I say we. Mostly I inflict it upon everyone else, because I am a recently converted Swifty and I honestly believe she is my soul sister. Like, seriously, I love her.


And why wouldn’t I?! Asides from her being an absolute babe (legs up to her arm pits and never a hair out of place) she is the kind of human being we should all aspire to be like. She is kind, considerate, funny and more than anything, extremely generous.

Let me explain…

Christmas 2014 saw a series of extraordinary events unfold. Shortly after the successful release of Taylor’s album 1989 (which is just brilliant, FYI), fans on social media began to experience another phenomenon. After something that became known as #TayLurking, whereupon every detail of a fan’s likes, job, whereabouts was studied intently… A single Santa emoji would appear on their socials from Taylor Swift herself.


It wasn’t long before these lucky fans began receiving gifts personally bought by Taylor in the post. Each gift was chosen specifically for the fan; Taylor had done her research and sent along mini explanations of why she had chosen the gifts. It was her way of thanking them for their dedication, support and love they had sent her over the years. I mean, HOW LOVELY IS THAT?!

These fans naturally rushed to social media to tell the world what had happened to them; that they had received gifts from their idol. While i’m sure the gifts were lovely, I would imagine it’s not the gifts themselves that made these lucky fans so elated, it was the thought given to them. Could you imagine if you suddenly received something in the post from your idol, even if it was just a postcard? I know the 14 year old me would have absolutely lost her mind if the members of Busted had sent her anything! I mean, my best friend Janey once cried at a concert because Matt Willis “looked” at her. (Just to clarify, he didn’t, but you try telling her that. Poor girl is still deluded with elation!)

And more recently, Taylor showed her charitable side when she donated $15,000 to a firefighter who rescued his own family, to help cover their medical costs. Seriously, $15,000! You can imagine how shocked the family and their friends were to discover such a large injection of money in their GoFundMe page.

Now this isn’t a post just about how amazing Taylor Swift is (though it may seem like it!) It actually connects directly to what we at Avanatta are hoping for the future of our SOCIAL, not anti-social network.


You may know that on Avanatta, all of our users share in our advertising revenue. Every single one of you gets a slice of our rather delicious pie, just by watching or creating content. We pay you in nattaCoins which is our currency, and those nattaCoins go into your bank (which you can find in the settings on your channel) Very soon you’ll be able to spend those coins on digital vouchers for things like iTunes, cinema tickets, a cup of coffee. But more importantly, rather than treating yourself to a new song of iTunes, you’ll be able to spend your nattaCoins on your friends and followers, and socially gift them something as a thank you for their support. You can send anyone a social gift; to tell them you love them, to wish them good luck, to apologise for missing their birthday…

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 16.11.25

And if you don’t fancy sending them a gift, you could just tip them some of your nattaCoins instead. If you are an iOS user, you may have noticed on everyones channel there is a tipping button underneath the cover image. All you need to do to is click that button and choose how much you would like to tip them from your nattaBank! However, this differs for the channels belonging to charities, as this is how you donate your coins to the causes that mean the most to you. In this instance, your coins are converted into real life cash monies £$£!

… and this links directly back to the kindness of Taylor Swift. She has physically demonstrated how much she appreciates her fans by sending them gifts, and those fans have let the world know exactly how special that makes them feel. She has donated money she earns from entertaining the world to causes that have touched her. She has embraced the ultimate social gifting lifestyle, and she is highly regarded for that!

Now, Avanatta wants to allow everyone to share the love with our social gifting and tipping features. It’s so easy to donate, tip and gift others on Avanatta, and we hope that this will lead other celebrities to show their appreciation for their fans in this kind way.

zero-trollerance jpg

This also directly coincides with our Zero Trollerance policy (No trolls allowed on Avanatta. End of.) We believe that positivity breeds positivity, and we hope and believe that social gifting and the chance to be rewarded for kindness, dedication and love with our tipping feature will inspire people to use Avanatta as a platform upon which to be kind and social rather than negative, nasty and generally unpleasant. It incentivises social behaviour in a way that no other social network does. Obviously it won’t stop all anti-social behaviour (Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate no matter how wonderful a platform we create – ooh that rhymed!) but luckily our systems can predict, pattern and remove offenders from Avanatta and keep it a fun, safe place to socialise.

Anyway, now that I’ve indulged my Swifty obsession for the day, i’m just going to sign off with a reminder for y’all to download our app for free from the iOS App Store (Android users you may have noticed we’re not currently available on Google Play while we bring the app up to date with Apple, so apologies but it’ll hopefully be with you in July!) and remember to follow @TeamAvanatta for updates from #AvanattaHQ!

Until next time… G x

P.S You can watch Taylor’s Swiftmass video here. Like I said… what a babe!

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