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10 Reasons to Visit the Family Travel Show this October!

  1. You can leave the country with your children… and not have to pack everything but the kitchen sink (yes you put that sink down!) CHILDREN DO LIVE IN OTHER COUNTRIES! You can all survive abroad (there’s even McDonalds – gasp!) At the Family Travel Show you will even discover child proof accommodation… and relax…
  1. You can cope! Kids play up whether you are at home or on holiday, so you may as well be somewhere fantastic when they do decide to make a scene. Find out about all sorts of activities that you can take part in whilst on holiday to keep everyone entertained and dramas to a minimum. Why not try scuba diving? We hear it’s very peaceful underwater!
  2. You can save money! Our exhibitors will have some great money saving offers (and exciting competitions too!) If sun filled action is your thing then stop by Club La Santa for up to 20% off your booking, you can even win a week’s stay! If it’s more lions and tigers and rhinos stop by EXPLORE! where you can receive 10% off their new family trips and you can be in with the chance of winning £500 towards your next family adventure. You’re sure to make a great saving whatever your holiday style.
  3. You’ll get to meet Ubercorn – if you don’t know who/what that is where have you been!? Inspiration at the Family Travel Show will come in all forms – get dressed up in the Mark Warner Photo Booth you’ll feel like you’re already on holiday, and kids can find out more about their next holiday destination with the help of Lonely Planet Kids.
  4. You don’t believe it’s true – we as families simply cannot travel like our lucky childless friends. WRONG! Dust off that back pack, dig out your walking shoes (or speedos whatever takes your fancy) and listen to tales of parents who have actually travelled with children in tow in the Ask The Experts Theatre… and lived to tell the tale!
  5. You’re sick of looking at selfies and the teens are on a phone ban! Not a problem – they can learn to flip that camera back around and take part in FREE Photography Workshops with experts Sharp Shots. From understanding how the camera works to snapping moving wildlife and thoughtful compositions showcasing dazzling landscapes, these sessions are sure to educate and inspire the next generation of travellers to capture and explore the world.
  6. You don’t talk to anyone face to face anymore and you are scared! How guilty are we all of booking everything online without actually talking to anyone? One massive advantage of the Family Travel Show is that you get to talk to the company you are booking your holiday with face to face, we’re quite sure they don’t bite (but can’t guarantee!)
  7. You don’t want to go on holiday as a family to then leave your children in a crèche. Why not are you crazy? Just kidding! Whilst this works for some families (our exhibitors can help with this) there’s a whole big wide world out there to be explored and our family travel expert exhibitors are there to guide you to your next adventure, whether that be spending time together or enjoying some time apart.
  8. You can bring your children to the Family Travel Show – sorry! Maybe you were hoping for a weekend away in London just the two of you… but you’ll never live it down if they find out they’ve missed out on Ubercorn (googled it yet?). There is going to be great fun free features for all of the family to get you in the mood for your next getaway – kids might not want to leave (but please do take them home with you!).
  9. You can save money on your entry to the Family Travel Show when you book tickets in advance!



The Family Travel Show is your chance to meet with the biggest collection of specialist family holiday providers and discover travel options that you never knew existed. Get insider information and ideas from the experts, plus save money with the amazing show offers and enjoy show features for all the family.

The Family Travel Show takes place in Olympia London on 1 – 2 October 2016. Tickets cost £8 in advance or £10 on the door, under 16s are free. For full details and to book tickets please visit www.familytravelshow.com or call 0844 209 7360. Calls cost 10p per minute.