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Helping Young People Choose their Destination in Life

We often hear how businesses say that they can’t attract the right talent, even at entry level, so not surprising that businesses are looking at overseas talent. And of course, we don’t really know what a post Brexit world will look like for skills and employment.

To help increase local talent and make young people aware of the great career opportunities that there are on offer in the Thames Valley, Education Business Partnership West Berkshire (EBPWB), along with Central Berkshire EBP and Learning to Work will be organising 2 Destination Expo events, one on 8th December 2016 at Green Park Reading and the other on 18th January 2017 at Windsor Racecourse. These Expos are a golden opportunity for businesses to talk to over 2400 of our future workforce, to inspire and motivate them when they are still deciding what their future might look like. These Expos will also give businesses the chance to understand young people better and hear what is important to them.

Over 120 businesses and training providers, along with local colleges and universities will bring dynamic staff and an intriguing hands-on activity designed to help young people experience a small taster of life in their business sector.

Funded by the Careers and Enterprise Company, with sponsorship from Elevate, Adviza, Akzo Nobel, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, KPMG, Medical Mavericks, Now Vauxhall Swindon and Thames Water, these hands-on immersive Expos really do make a difference to the knowledge and choices that young people make about their careers.

We are really pleased that over 20 Berkshire schools and colleges have taken valuable time out of their school calendars to give their students the chance to be inspired and motivated, and that’s what, to date, 70 different businesses will be doing.

We have gaps for businesses in the following sectors, so if you are a business in any of these areas, we’d love to hear from you.

Chemicals, Construction, Hospitality and Catering, Manufacturing, The Arts and The Outdoors.

Jane Grunseid from EBPWB commented, “It is not every year that we receive funding to run events of this size and importance, so a big thanks to all of our sponsors. Getting a broad representation of businesses is really important and so if you are from any of the business sectors mentioned above, please do contact us.”