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Rolleygolf Introduces Enhancements to Its Revolutionary Ride-on Trolley

RolleyGolf, which revolutionised the way golfers traverse the course, is to take its innovative ‘ride-on trolley’ concept a stage further with the introduction of a number of enhancements for 2017.

The RolleyOne was the result of five years’ meticulous R&D by the UK company and introduced golfers to a product which offered a choice between walking or riding around the golf course, as the machined movement creates a seamless transition from power-assisted walking trolley to a ride-on machine, all with one pull of a lever.

The ground-breaking Rolley was quickly embraced by a number of top golf clubs and golfers – including Sir Richard Branson, who keeps one on his private Necker Island – who were quick to see the potential for a unit which was less damaging to golf courses, while increasing the speed of play, an essential factor for many golfers who are hard-pressed for time.

Indeed, at Stellenbosch GC, in South Africa, the Rolley has significantly improved the pace of play. The club reports that, in a buggy, a round takes, on average, more than four hours; using Rolleys, a round takes around two hours, 40 minutes.

And that time could well drop further with the introduction, in 2017, of the RolleyOne 2017, featuring the lightest chassis in the range, meticulously machined from British aircraft-grade aluminium for increased strength and mobility.

Other enhancements include the most efficient and powerful TWINDRIVE system to appear on a Rolley – intelligent braking, to quicker detect gradients, stopping users safely on even the steepest hills; plus environment detection sensors, ensuring excellent traction no matter the weather – and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The introduction of a three-stage, fully adjustable, telescopic steering column, with a new twist grip allows for one-handed operation, while the extended walk-mode handle, provides improved manoeuvrability on long walks, and the refined silent motor provides a greater power-to-weight ratio, for the ultimate ride.

And, to top it all off, the RolleyOne 2017 now comes in a range of colours.

The Rolley concept was the brainchild of company founder Arnold Du Toit, who used his unique outlook on design to create a product which enhances the golfer’s experience while being kinder to the course.

He explained: “I designed the Rolley originally because I couldn’t find the exact product I wanted to add to my golf experience. I wanted a different option to carrying, pushing electric trollies or driving a buggy.

“It had to be completely invented – we couldn’t just strap a golf bag to something that pre-existed. Golfers deserve true innovation. And we created it nearly 10 years ago. Since then we have refined it to become an award-winning piece of British engineering.

“For 2017, with the introduction of the RolleyOne 2017, we have been able to take it a stage further thanks to the team of master craftsmen and engineers driving the company. We believe it provides the ultimate ride and will change the way people move on a golf course for the foreseeable future.”

Each RolleyOne is hand-built and assembled by experienced craftsmen in RolleyGolf’s UK studio and, for 2017, there are four models.

The RolleyOne can complete 18 holes with a maximum speed of eight mph; the RolleyOne R boasts an incredible range of 36 holes or a full eight hours of battery life. The top-of-the-range RolleyOne S has a top speed of 12.5 mph and comes ready with mudguards, while the RolleyOne X offers the performance enhancements of the S, the endurance of the R, and comes complete with all performance accessories.

As well as being the greenkeeper’s friend – it is far less detrimental to turf than many other ‘ride-on’ products – the RolleyOne’s flexibility to switch from walking to riding also encourages exercise in those who would otherwise, faced with 18 holes, take a buggy or simply not play at all.

The RolleyOne 2017 range starts from £3,950.