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Top 7 Do’s and Do Not’s of Party Planning

Size is Everything

To create the perfect party atmosphere, go for a structure which is on the smaller size rather than large. Smaller, kookier places create more atmosphere, and a relaxed crowd means a fun crowd. It also makes it easier when dressing the venue, as what may look like a lot of dressage can look spaced out in a capacious venue

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Dance the night away – by the bar.

The dance floor must be situated by bar – you can guarantee your guest will head to the bar over the night to replenish their thirst or top up their drinks! Groups of people are like magnets – the larger the group, the larger the draw, meaning your dance floor is far more likely to be full. Make sure to place cocktail tables by the dance floor for guest’s glasses so to help prevent breakages on the dance floor.


Create a space for people who don’t want to dance…

This may seem counter-intuitive to the previous tip, but for those ready to take off their dancing shoes an area that they can go off and explore, or a little cosy, chill out area will mean the non-dancees are not left sat at the discarded dinner table – and away from the fun. Putting this behind a hidden curtain for party-goers to explore and find will make it the secret all your guests will want to find!

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Don’t serve puddings to tables unless it’s a really foody crowd.

Most people want to get up and move around/visit friends/get on the dance floor/go to the bar after dinner and at parties plated puddings are often left on tables and then cleared away.

Instead, much better to have a pudding table or way of people helping themselves to what they want, rather than being given something specific. Even better, invite your guests to bring a pudding – you’ll be surprised at how guests like to give something back. It also gives guests an opportunity to offer something other than an alcoholic beverage as a gift if they would like to do so.

Dynamic Music

Carlos Santana once said; “Music can change your molecular structure” and the same can inextricably be said the same for your party.

At first, as the guests start to arrive, the music will be more noticeable and set the tone for the night, so getting it the correct tempo and creating the right dynamism is essential. As the guests arrive and conversation grows, you can start raising the volume and the mood a little bit.


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Don’t hide the Loo

Although they’re not always slightly, it’s a good idea to position the toilets at your event somewhere near the entrance. It’s reassuring, especially to older guests to know where the conveniences are, and why not make a feature of them by choosing these fun themed loos from The Arabian Tent Company?

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Be pleasantly surprised!

If you plan for rain at your event, and ensure there is enough space and interesting décor within the tent you’re partying in, you can only be pleasantly surprised when you’re bathed in glorious sunshine on the day….


Credit to: The Arabian Tent Company; www.arabiantents.com