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Behind the Biggest Trends in Hollywood

Get Red Carpet Ready with Celebrity Stylist Daniel Musto by Janine Silver

Celebrities need to be photo ready all the time; a walk down the red carpet or even a trip to the grocery store can easily land you on the front page. Responsible for every star’s transformation and best dressed award is an amazing stylist pulling the strings.

To get the inside scoop, I spoke with celebrity stylist, Daniel Musto. Musto has worked with a long list of celebrity clients including Paula Abdul, Giuliana Rancic, Jenny McCarthy, Hayden Panettiere, Charissa Thompson, Tamar Braxton, Kendra Wilkinson, and Jeannie Mai to name a few. In addition to his styling, Musto also one of the featured personalities on E!’s Who Wore It Better and was recently a guest judge on Project Runway Junior.

Buzz: Daniel, how would you describe your aesthetic?

DM: When it comes to my personal style, I keep it classic. When dressing my clients, I like to push them as far as possible into new style categories. Typically, I veer more toward geometric silhouettes and abstract fabrics.

Buzz: Where do you find your inspiration? On the runways, in nature, from style icons of the past?

DM: I am most inspired when I travel. When I am in LA, I am often too focused on the job to find constant inspiration. My eyes are definitely open wider when I’m out of town.

Buzz: How do you develop a celebrity’s style?

DM: I use their past style as inspiration to keep them comfortable, while slowly implementing styles worn by those whose aesthetic they admire. If they love their flared pants, but enjoy the fashion forward tops worn by Kim Kardashian, blend those two looks together in a fitting, and see where it takes you.

Buzz: Do you have any red carpet tips we can copy in the real world?

DM: Make sure your midsection is as flat as possible. We all have more around the middle than we’d like, but utilize body shaping undergarments to guarantee that you have the best silhouette. Also, always make sure your earrings complement your shoes. They should be friends even though they’re on opposite ends of your body.

Buzz: What about any red carpet don’ts?

DM: Avoid brown on a red carpet or to a formal event. It never photographs well in those environments.

Buzz: In life and in fashion, as we all know, not everything goes as planned. Do you have any funny stories you’d like to share?

DM: Before Spanx added a hole for bathroom breaks, I had to climb up my client’s gown in a limo on the way to the Emmy’s to snip a hole… carefully.