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Superfoods & How To Use Them

Superfoods are seriously en vogue… however can certain foods help us feel healthier, happier, sexier and more alive? 

The answer is YES and this new book shows you how in a very delicious way. 

Nutritionist and superfood chef, Juliette Bryant has brought together two decades of research and experimentation in her just about to be launched book, Superfoods & How to Use Them. 


Juliette has been on a global journey to find out first-hand about superfoods, to see where they grow, how doctors, herbalists and local people use them in daily life. 

Juliette explores an A-Z of her favourite superfoods and explains why they have far-reaching health benefits. 

Knowing about the medicinal properties of foods is one thing, how to use them is another. 

Juliette has used her experience as a superfood chef to create over 100 plant-based delicious recipes for the book. 

“This book is brilliant. It is an excellent aid for people wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.” Jasmine Driscoll, Owner of Naturally You Health Store, Sudbury. 

Juliette says: 

“I have written this book to help people be healthy. We need essential nutrients, and the best place to get them is through food, so why not make it delicious? Superfoods give us dense nutrients in a small amount of food, and help us overcome one of the great problems facing people today – nutritional deficiencies.” 

As well as studying nutrition, it is by travelling the world that Juliette has become so inspired about superfoods. 



“Seeing cacao pods growing in India, planting hedges of sea buckthorn and foraging for berries in England, learning about herbs from a native American ranger in Yosemite National Park, visiting my Italian ancestors to learn about the healing benefits of olive oil and garlic, sharing food with traditional Aboriginal elders in Australia – these experiences along with working with people in my professional practice have shaped my understanding of the how food can be a medicine.” 



In her new book, Juliette has brought together the very latest scientific research and traditional health benefits of eating certain foods. 

For example, apples help reduce inflammation protecting your respiratory tract and aid digestion. 

Beetroot helps to regulate your immune system and increases memory. 

Coconut oil improves digestion and the absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

Garlic is a potent antibiotic and helps to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

Saffron can help repair the myelin sheath and brain cells. 

Eating just 20g of nuts a day can significantly reduce cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

Black pepper activates nutrients in food. 

Medicinal mushrooms are proven to treat cancer. 

Vanilla is an aphrodisiac and reduces nervous tension. 

The book is filled with delicious solutions: 

Got a cold or the flu? Try the supercharged rosehip syrup, fire cider or goji healing soup to ease the symptoms. 

Struggling with your hormones? A raw cacao smoothie or a maca-chinno might help. 

Got a party planned? Why not make the love punch or love potion hot chocolate to get you in the mood. 

Want a healthy breakfast? How about gluten free vegan blueberry pancakes, super green smoothie or porridge fit for a king or queen? 

Superfoods & How To Use Them is printed by Copycats, Essex helping adults with learning disabilities find vocations and independence. 

The book costs £12 and is now available from www.julietteskitchen.tv