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Brits will devour 18,304 sandwiches in their lifetime

The average Brit will consume a mouth-watering 18,304 sandwiches in their lifetime, according to new research. A study into the nation’s lunchtime habits has confirmed the humble sandwich is still the UK’s favourite lunch, with the average Brit shelling out a whopping £48,339 on sandwiches over the course of their entire lives. In fact, a staggering 56 percent of Brits eat AT LEAST one sandwich per day – with over a third having exactly the same filling every day. The poll by Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo found a BLT was the nation's most loved sandwich, with chicken mayo coming in as runner-up. Third in the list was bacon, accompanied with ketchup or brown sauce - followed by ham and cheese - and then cheese and pickle. The sandwich is said to have been invented back in the 18th century by John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, who famously ordered his valet to bring him “meat tucked between two pieces of bread”. A spokesperson for Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo said: “These findings show Brits are very particular when it comes to their sandwiches – without a doubt it’s still our go-to option for lunch. “The fact that it’s so quick to make, cheap and you can pretty much have any filling you fancy makes it an obvious choice for school children, workers, busy mums and anyone on the go. The study found the perfect sandwich will consist of white bread with the crusts left on – only a high maintenance 14 percent of Brits insisted on their crusts being cut off. It will also be cut diagonally in half, with as much salad as possible stuffed in. The typical, hungry Brit will devour their sandwich in just eight mouthfuls, taking just over six minutes to polish one off. But according to the data, many Brits have a penchant for more unusual combinations – leftover roast dinner, marmite and banana and onion ring and ketchup among some of the more bizarre sandwich concoctions to be enjoyed by Brits. Not for the faint hearted – mashed potato and sweetcorn and salad cream topped with salt and vinegar crisps were also sandwich fillings creative Brits have tried. Leeds emerged as the sandwich capital of the UK, with those from the Northern city consuming the most sandwiches every month – 20 to be exact. The spokesperson added “We spent two years creating the perfect recipe for Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise that makes sandwiches taste great, even the curve of the jar is loved as it works with the curve of your spoon. More than 2.6 million shoppers have already acted on our challenge to upgrade their Mayonnaise*. MOST POPULAR SANDWICH FILLINGS 1. BLT 2. Chicken mayo 3. Bacon with ketchup or brown sauce 4. Ham and cheese 5. Cheese and pickle 6. Smoked salmon and cream cheese 7. Tuna mayonnaise 8. Egg mayonnaise 9. Prawn mayonnaise 10. Cheese 11. Beef and horseradish 12. Chip butty 13. Bacon and Brie 14. Coronation chicken 15. Sausage and egg 16. Egg and cress 17. Pulled pork 18. Ham salad and mayonnaise 19. Turkey and cranberry sauce 20. Corned beef 21. Crisps 22. Fish finger and tartare sauce 23. Ham and mayonnaise 24. Peanut butter and jam 25. Just mayonnaise MOST UNUSUAL SANDWICH COMBINATIONS LOVED BY BRITS 1. Roast dinner leftovers 2. Baked beans and cheese 3. Mayonnaise and crisps 4. Salad cream and salt and vinegar crisps 5. Leftover curry take-away 6. Instant noodle sandwich 7. Cream cheese and jam 8. Cheese and marmalade 9. Lasagne 10. Onion ring and ketchup 11. Leftover Chinese take-away 12. Cheese and chocolate spread 13. Marmite and banana 14. Peanut butter and marmite 15. Mashed potato and sweetcorn