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Ufton Court – Children’s Charity

Ufton Court is a thriving and innovative children’s charity based in a woodland setting
near Reading.

Ufton Court has two areas of work, we provide dynamic primary school history education and we have an outdoor education charity called Ufton Adventure. Ufton Adventure has the twin objectives of raising the aspiration and attainment of children, who are underachieving at school. We work in close collaboration with schools, with children coming to us repeatedly
throughout their school career. Children return to school as more successful learners and re-engaged with school.

Ufton Adventure is supported by Ufton Weddings which are based at our beautiful Tudor manor house and Tithe barn, all the profits being gift aided to our charity. We are also dependent on the generosity of our supporters.

Help support us by joining our charity cycle ride on 3rd September 2017.
For other ways that you can support us, please email Sara – fundraising@uftoncourt.co.uk
or visit www.uftoncourt.co.uk.