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Newby Teas relaunches Tea Bag Collection with craftsmanship-inspired theme

World’s leading luxury tea brand Newby Teas relaunches Classic Tea Bag Collection with craftsmanship-inspired theme

  • The Classic Tea Bag Collection is served in Blenheim Palace, Radisson Hotels, Bath Priory and Hyatt Regency and is available online at Newby’s e-boutique (www.newbyteas.co.uk), offering a taste of affordable luxury to the public.
  • Newby Teas of London’s re-launch of their revised collection of 25 exclusive varieties is inspired by a “craftsmanship” theme – and is based on the priceless private vintage pashmina collection of Newby Teas founder’s late beloved wife.
  • Each teabag in the range is packed using Newby Teas proprietary technology, which seals in aroma and fresh flavour. On offer are 11 connoisseur black teas, 6 green teas – including exciting new addition, Earl Green, 6 herbal and fruit tisanes, and 2 Oolong teas.

Under Embargo until 03 April 2017, LONDON: Luxury tea company Newby Teas of London, today announced the re-launch of its much-loved Newby Classic Tea Bag Collection with stunning new designs, inspired by a priceless textile collection and the theme of craftsmanship.

Newby’s multi-award-winning in-house creative team worked in partnership with internationally renowned London design firm Lewis Moberly to develop the new branding.

Aneta Aslakhanova Global Marketing Director at Newby Teas and curator-director of the world’s largest tea accessories collection, The Chitra Collection, said:

“For the relaunch of Newby’s best-selling Classic Tea Bag Collection, we chose the timeless theme of craftsmanship. This perfectly reflects our mission to revive an age when people took their time to appreciate tea and valued every second.

“The creative team is very proud of a truly unique result which adds an artistically excellent and high end collection to the Newby Teas luxury stable.”

Gwen Hustwit, General Manager Creative & Marketing at Newby Teas said:

“At Newby Teas, we are dedicated to reintroducing quality and uncompromising flavour to everyone’s cup of tea. We are reviving the luxury and flavour of tea as it was centuries ago, when tea culture and craftsmanship were at their height. We always aim for the highest standards and the preservation of the character and flavour of our tea leaves.

“With our wonderful Classic Tea Bag Collection, tea lovers can experience the transcendent experience of luxury tea at a price affordable for all.”

The twenty-five varieties in the collection have each been illustrated by a different detail taken from the private collection of vintage Indian pashminas owned by the late Chitra Sethia, wife of Newby’s founder. The pashminas have been in the Sethia family for over two centuries, and have been lovingly preserved against the unravelling of time.

Nirmal Sethia, founder of Newby Teas, philanthropist and owner of the world’s largest private collection of tea accessories, the Chitra Collection said:

“The Sethia family is lucky to have had such wonderful ancestors, who preserved these pashminas and kept them from the usual onslaught of moths, thanks to the wonderful properties of cloves and neem leaves.

“At Newby Teas we are passionate about preserving the flavoured character of our teas, just as my family preserved their priceless pashminas over the centuries. What more fitting a way to celebrate craftsmanship?”

The tone of each design meticulously and consistently reflects the character of the tea, complimenting Newby’s diverse range; from deep green patterns for Oolong teas, to lighter shades for light, delicate, green teas. The range also features world-famous classics such as Assam and Darjeeling, along with a selection of Newby’s specialty blends such as Black Tea & Thyme and Rooibos Orange.

Sourced from the finest 5% of the world’s tea leaves, picked at the height of their freshness, the teabags are presented in beautifully designed, individually-wrapped sachets, allowing ease of everyday use. All Newby Teas are blended and preserved in the company’s condition-controlled facility in Kolkata, the only one of its kind in the world.

Newby Teas is substantially owned by charitable trust, the N Sethia Foundation, which donates money to a range of good causes including the funding of the Chitra Sethia Centre for Robotics and Minimal Access Surgery at UCH and the Chitra Sethia Autism Centre in Cambridge. The brand has won more than 135 awards for their innovative products, including 38 from the Global Tea Championship (formerly known as the North-American Tea Championship). The company’s outstanding design is frequently recognised – and awards have been collected at the Pentawards and the DBA’s annual Design Effectiveness Awards ceremony.

The Classic Tea Bag Collection’s 25 varieties:

Black teas: Assam, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Indian Breakfast, Pride of Africa, Earl Grey, Masala Chai, Black Tea & Ginger, Strawberry & Mango, Black Tea & Thyme.

Oolong & Green Teas: Milk Oolong, Ginseng Oolong, Green Sencha, Jasmine Blossom, Green Lemon, Oriental Sencha, Moroccan Mint, Earl Green (NEW)

Tisanes: Chamomile, Peppermint, Verbena, Rooibos Orange, Rosehip & Hibiscus, Summer Berries.

Prices for the 25 varieties in the Newby Classic Tea Bag Collection will range from £4.50 to £5.50 according and will be available to buy from 21 April 2017 exclusively at www.newbyteas.co.uk