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Crowning Ponies

For spring 2017, the high pony tail makes a major comeback.

Keep the look fresh by wrapping your own hair around the base such as the models did on Nicholas K’s runway.
Or turn the same wrapped ponytail into a bun like the edgy ballerinas at Christian Dior. With the help of Redken’s Global Creative Director, Guido, he added small cornrows underneath to elevate the classic topknot.


  • Mary Sammut

    I really need to try this and i love the choker addition too !!

  • KezziesCorner

    Loved this, such a cute hairstyle comeback – Kezia

  • I used to to braid my hair like that all of the time, it was the easiest way to control all of the shorter pieces under my ponytail!

  • Zoë Gumm

    This look is stunning especially to accentuate the neck. Do you have any tips on perfecting this style? 💚

  • Pooja Krishna

    Very useful to both give some def to the jawline. Plus, a break from the usual blah styles!

  • Danielle

    This is beautiful. I’ve been trying to help my friends with some styles. I’ll have to share this with her

  • Nicole McMillen

    I wish sometimes that I never cut my hair. I love this look and it is so clean looking. Thanks… I think I will grow my hair out.

  • Tabitha Mcfarlane

    Finally a ponytail style I could actually do with my hair!

  • Haytham Bhalo

    Creative twist to an otherwise boring style

  • Jaime Speed

    Great ideas here, my little fashionista is always experimenting with her hair!

  • Jay Cool Tips

    Digging the back twist to it, very creative

  • JenellBStewart

    I love the cornrow braids going up into the ponytail. As a little girl my mom would put my hair in cornrow braids all around and then put it into a ponytail. I love when I see traditional African styles make high fashion trends and I love it even more when the African hair trends are referred to by their real names as is the case here!