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Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) are overuse injuries, due to repetitive actions which lead to fatigue, inflammation and pain in either the muscles or tendons.

RSIs most commonly affect the upper limb, particularly the forearm, wrist and hand. As RSIs are overuse
injuries, they tend to affect those who do the same actions everyday such as labour workers, desk workers,
gardeners or sports people and no you don’t have to play tennis to get tennis elbow!
The most common symptoms of RSI include tingling, aching, pain or soreness and cramp and usually appear during activity and worsen throughout the day. To reduce the pain, it is important to try and change the aggravating activity or how you perform it and resting as much as you can, which I understand isn’t always easy!
It is best to seek treatment sooner rather than later, to prevent the injury from developing further. So this
is where osteopathy can help. Our treatments involve joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage and we can give advice regarding ergonomic desk set ups, posture as well as give home exercises.

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