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Are you constantly checking your phone?

Are you constantly checking your phone? Or would you be better off on your own?

Did you know that our adult relationships may be heavily influenced by our upbringing? The way we attached to our primary caregivers in childhood, and other life experiences as we grew, may have shaped how we attach romantically.

Why do some people run from one relationship to another, never really finding that happy ever after that they are searching for? The reason for this is very likely to be rooted in attachment styles.

The three most common attachment styles are; secure, anxious and avoidant.

If we can recognise our attachment behaviours, we can consciously navigate our way to healthier and happier connections. We can notice that sending countless texts in a day, to help us feel connected to our partner, may mean that we have an anxious attachment style. When we ignore our partners’ calls, determined to maintain our independence and remain a free spirit, we may very well be working in an avoidant attachment style. If you think your attachment style is getting in the way of a healthy, happy relationship, you may want to identify and explore your attachment tendencies within a safe, non-judgemental environment. Psychotherapy can help you to understand and adjust your style of attaching, for better, healthier and happier relationships.

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