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Don’t Let Grass Pollen Get up Your Nose!

Two main types of pollen affect hay fever sufferers in the UK – grass pollen and tree pollen. Roughly 95% of sufferers are allergic to grass and around 25% to tree pollen – which means some are allergic to both. Airborne allergies expert, Max Wiseberg offers sufferers some useful pollen avoidance tips…

“Each person can tolerate a certain amount of pollen without reaction,” comments airborne allergies expert Max Wiseberg, “but once this is exceeded – known as the trigger level – hay fever symptoms will occur. So avoiding pollen, or reducing the amount that gets in your body is key.”

HayMax organic, drug-free allergen barrier balms can help reduce the amount of pollen entering the body. They have been proven to trap over one third of pollen grains (including grass pollen) before they enter the body [1]. They are equally effective against all types of pollen. HayMax works by helping to keep the sufferer below their trigger level for longer.

The balm is simple to use – just wipe a small amount around the rim of the nostrils and the bone of the eyes in the morning and as required during the day, such as after blowing the nose or sneezing. Then use before bed to help get a good night’s sleep.

Max Wiseberg offers some other practical tips on how you can further reduce the amount of pollen getting into the body. “Vacuum the house regularly, especially beds and fabrics to remove pollen particles. Wash bedding very regularly to remove allergens. Dry clothes indoors, rather than on a clothes line, to prevent pollen particles being blown onto them by the outside wind.

Close windows or use an air conditioner preferably with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filter to capture the pollen and circulate the air.

Tie your hair up and wear a cap or hat when outside to prevent pollen particles getting caught in your hair and wear wraparound sunglasses to prevent them coming into contact with your eyes.

Wash your face as soon as you get indoors on high pollen count days to wash away allergens so that they can’t cause a reaction. Shower at night before sleeping to remove pollen particles from your hair and body.

If you own a pet then ensure that it is well groomed and shampooed as much as possible to remove the grass pollen grains.

Use an allergen barrier balm, such as HayMax, to stop pollen getting into the body. It has been proven to trap over one third of pollen grains.”

HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms retail at £6.99 per pot and are available from Holland & Barrett; selected Morrisons, Waitrose and Boots; independent chemists, pharmacists and health stores; on 01525 406600 and from haymax.biz.