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Skin Deep

The skin is our largest body organ. It works quietly away, constantly renewing itself, shedding dead cells every 28 days. It also provides a barrier against the environment and keeps our insides where they should be!

Alpha-hydroxy acids : Their effectiveness depends on concentration. Between 8-15% they are a very effective skin smoother. At strengths of over 15% they are used in chemical peels which should only be carried out by a Dermatologist.

Trans-retinoic acid : Has been proven to reduce wrinkles, increase epidermal thickness and stimulate
collagen deposition. It is effective in serum at very low concentrations but the effect is cumulative, so you will need to view it as a long-term strategy.

Vitamin C serum : This is a highly effective anti-oxidant and wrinkle-reducer but needs to be concentrated (10% or more) and stabilised in order to work. Keep it out of the light and use in the morning. Use only stabilised, colour-free preparations. If there is a yellow tinge, it is no longer effective.