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Expert Tips on Keeping Your Home Allergen-Free

The summer months are particularly bad for airborne allergy sufferers, as it is the peak of the grass pollen season, as well as the usual dust and pet allergens. However, there are many things you can do at home to lessen your allergy symptoms. Airborne allergens expert and creator of HayMax, Max Wiseberg has some tips.

“Avoiding the allergen is always key with any allergy, whatever it might be,” says Max. “Here are a selection of my favourite practical tips for lessening the pollen, dust and pet allergens around the home. Most of them are equally relevant for all three.

• Vacuum the house regularly, especially beds and fabrics to remove pollen, dust and pet allergen particles.

• Wash bedding very regularly to remove allergens. Anti-allergy bedding made from ‘intelligent fibres’ can be very helpful for those people who suffer from dust mite allergies. They limit the growth of dust mite allergens and also keep them away from the skin. Check out the Allergy UK approved range.

• Shower at night before going to bed, to remove pollen particles, dust and pet allergens from your hair and body.

• Dry clothes indoors rather than on an outdoor clothes line to prevent pollen particles being blown onto the clothes by the outside wind.

• Apply an organic drug-free allergen barrier balm such as HayMax around the nostrils and the bones of the eyes in the morning, throughout the day and at night to trap dust and pet allergens and more than a third of pollen before it enters the body [1]; less allergen, less reaction.

• If you own a pet then ensure that it is well groomed and shampooed as much as possible to remove pet allergens and pollen particles.

• Close windows and use an air conditioner preferably with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filter to capture the pollen and dust particles, cool and circulate the air.

• Pollen is out in force in the mornings and the evenings, so it is best to stay at home at these times.

• Wash your face as soon as you get indoors on high pollen count days. This will wash away allergens so that they can’t cause a reaction, and a cool compress will soothe sore eyes (this also works well for dust and pet allergies).”

Amanda Newton comments, “I have suffered from hayfever for many many years and have never found anything that really works without it making me dozy. I discovered HayMax trial size in my local chemist, so I thought I would try it. It works a treat and it’s been the best summer for me in a long time. I also put it on when I am dusting and found it stops me sneezing too. I have recommended it to many other suffers as well it a brilliant product and can’t live without it.”

HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms retail at £6.99 per pot and are available from Holland & Barrett; selected Morrisons, Waitrose and Boots; independent chemists, pharmacists and health stores; on 01525 406600 and from haymax.biz.