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Are you LinkedIn?

Do you know the difference between a Status Update and a Post on LinkedIn?

 They are two completely different things.

A Status Update is like a tweet where you enter a link and type something short. They are meant to be informative, helpful and quick.

A Post is an actual blog post. Posts should demonstrate your expertise.

Did you know you can now customise the types of notifications you receive based on what you find the most valuable – for example birthdays, work anniversaries, job changes and more.

Have you checked out the Trending Storylines in your LinkedIn Feed?

With daily curated interest-based feeds you can quickly discover the most important developing stories in your industry. You will find these on your mobile home screen
under the Trending tab, or on desktop, it’s at the top right of the homepage.

How can you strengthen your LinkedIn Profile?

By checking out the Profile Completion Meter which will show you what you need to do to strengthen your profile, and attract more opportunity.

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