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Is your bra causing your pain?

Apparently 70 – 80% of women are still wearing the wrong sized bra and it is actually putting your health at risk!

I often see patients who’s bras are too tight around the ribs, have little support at the front or the straps are too loose. This in the long term can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain as the unsupported weight is causing our shoulders to come forward and more rounded. Putting
pressure on the muscles and nerves in the neck, causing nerve irritations, postural pain and headaches.

Surprisingly these little maladjustments put further pressure on our diaphragm (our breathing muscle) which in the long term (especially sedentary lifestyles) affects the breathing and digestive mechanisms and cause problems such as heartburn.

If this hasn’t convinced you to get your bra size checked, then maybe the prospect of premature breast sagging will! So get fitted and learn what a supportive bra should
feel like, so you can check regularly yourself. Remember straps loosen in the wash.

Please note: I am currently on maternity leave.

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