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CATS What is their correct diet?

Cats and dog’s nutritional needs are very different, from each other and because feeding inappropriate diets can over a period of time increase the cats risk of developing many different health issues, it is important that the cat is fed the correct diet.

So what is a ‘correct’ diet?

Cats, unlike dogs are obligate carnivores whereas a dog as an omnivore is able to digest a
varied diet. A cats health and wellbeing is based on it being fed a high protein meat based
diet. Cat’s have a specific need for the amino acid called Taurine in their diet this is added to
cat food but is not present in for example in fish purchased from the fish counter in the supermarkets.

So why is Taurine so important?

A taurine deficiency can lead to, heart disease, it can cause retinal degeneration and even

So, our message to you is, “while it’s great to give your feline fresh fish as a treat it is not
recommended as a replacement to proper specifically designed good quality cat food”.

Here are a few fun cat facts:

  • It is thought that cat’s eyes are up to 6 times more sensitive to intensive light than a
  • A cat’s vision is best at 2-5 metres when stalking fast moving prey.When a cat waggles its
  • When a cat waggles its bottom just before pouncing on prey, it’s to alter their view.
  • A cat’s sense of smell is linked to taste, hence why a cat always smells food before eating if they lose their sense of smell, may be due to an infection they may well lose their appetite and their scent marking behaviours will change.l
  • A cat’s sense of smell is very acute, they don’t like the smell of the chemicals in tap water. Fill a jug and leave on the side for several hours.
  • Cat’s need to feel safe, if for example you present them with new food, they will check around their area before eating it, they may do this up to 5 times before deciding to eat the food.
  • Take a close look at your cat’s fur and see that a coating of fine hair is longer than the main coat. Their coat is very sensitive and this longer hair help detect wind direction when out hunting.

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