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Going on holiday is exciting, but there is so much to think about.

. . reservations, passports, currency, cash cards, flight tickets and many more which can make anybody feel overwhelmed. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to relax and enjoy your holiday!

Roll your garments

Roll, don’t fold your clothes. Not only does it save space, but it avoids creases too. Tuck underwear into the gaps and
stick rolled up socks inside shoes. Wear your heaviest clothing to travel in, such as trousers and a sweatshirt or jacket
to keep you warm on cooler evenings. After all, airlines weigh baggage, not you!

Divide your property

If you keep your wallet, keys, passport, and mobile in your purse or travel bag, then you’ll be in an unpleasant position if that bag goes missing or ends up stolen.

A simpler way to carry property is to split them into different bags. If you loose your cash card then you’ve got a backup Visa card in another bag to use for the period of your trip. This one is maybe one of the most important travel packing tips. Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags

How do you usually organise all of your electronics, cables, those fiddly bits that take you ages to dig out at security? Stuff them in like the rest of us? Well, if you want to organise your packing then get yourself a stash of ziplock bags. Phone charger, adaptors, headphones – take extra plastic bags (the same ones you’d use for hand luggage liquids) and use them to store electrical items, house keys, parking ticket car keys and medication and other loose accessories.

Entertaining children on aeroplanes

At holiday time, parents around the world worry about the ‘joys’ of flying with their young children. Here are some helpful top tips. . .

Plan your flight in 15-minute slots

For a three-hour journey you need around ten activities to keep young kids entertained (as the first and last 15 minutes you can occupy them by looking out the window for take-off and landing). CBeebies magazines, a favourite story book, drawing, Snap, and snacks are all good activities to keep them entertained.

Portable DVD player or Tablet

Sometimes frustrating, but on an aeroplane a welcome distraction. Without doubt the one thing all parents seem to agree on is investing in some sort of video tech.

Longer lasting foods

Offer foods that take longer to eat which will occupy your child f or longer. A box of raisins is great because it contains natural sugars, while strawber ries, grapes and cherry tomatoes are similarly healthy and fun to eat.


You will see some truly spectacular sights when snorkelling when you visit another world. Staying safe while enjoying the experience is paramont, here are some helpful tips : Swim with a someone, especially an older child, many accidents occur when people are alone.

Make sure your equipment is good and that you are familiar with fitting the mask, fins, and snorkel.

Make sure you are all well hydrated when entering the water, use sunscreen, and don’t push yourself beyond your comfort or skill zones.

Don’t touch marine life. This is for your own good and the good of the sea life.Stay within your

Stay within your depth, many marine life will swim in shallow water.