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Is how you sleep causing you pain?

Did you know that complaints such as fatigue, sleep apnea, headaches, heartburn and musculoskeletal aches, can all be linked with improper sleeping habits?

For those that like to sleep on their front I’m afraid, this is the worst position. As we can’t breathe through pillows, we
turn our heads, putting a huge amount of rotation through our necks, causing joint restrictions and muscle strains.Your spine is also completely unsupported in this position.

So what about your side? Again your spine is unsupported, but on top of this, there is a lot of compression through the
joints on one side. Joint and nerve compression can also come from having your arms above your head. Sleeping on
your side also impacts your internal organs which may lead to restricted breathing and blood flow. If you suffer from
acid reflux or you are pregnant, avoid sleeping on your right side.

The best position to sleep, is on your back with your arms down by your side. It is also advised to use pillows for
support under your knees or between your legs, especially those who suffers from lower back, hip or knee pain. Make
sure you pillow under your head is also the correct height, as the added curvature through your neck, may lead to pain.

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