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Choosing the correct running shoe

A comfortable running shoe is one which fits, but finding the right one is not as easy as it sounds. It is worth spending some time analysing your running style in order to find a pair of shoes that are perfect for you.

Where do you run?
Do you prefer running on a purpose-built track, the road or perhaps along a forest trail? All these surfaces require a
different kind of shoe.

Pronation type
Pronation is the term used for the way your foot rolls when you walk and run. It is essential you know your pronation
type before you purchase any shoes, this is because every shoe on the market is different. You can find out what your
pronation type is by getting an expert gait analysis, many specialist running retail stores will offer this service.

It sounds obvious, but make sure you try your shoes on with running socks. There is a wide range available and socks
specifically designed for running will vastly improve the feeling of comfort and support inside the shoe.

A pair of running shoes are an investment for your health, fitness and wellbeing, so make sure you have taken the time
to research the perfect pair for you.