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Not ready for Retirement?

Even though retirement ages have been increased recently many people find that when the time comes we don’t feel quite ready to down tools and head to the allotment or the golf course.

All the knowledge, skills and qualifications we’ve achieved over the years can’t just be switched off, and we might not feel ready to step out of working life entirely. So if the calendar says one thing but our heart and mind disagree, what
should we do?

Don’t despair; there are in excess of 1.3 million pensioners still in work. We represent 11% of the total workforce, and are living proof that many companies recognise our experience.

Staged Retirement

Talk to your boss or line manager in advance of your retirement. Ask if you can stage your retirement over a couple of years, maybe dropping to a three day week, then two days etc. Many companies are happy to accommodate loyal employees. Stress that it will make any transitions run more smoothly because you will be able to pass on your knowledge to your replacement and allow them to gradually take over. If you regularly deal with clients it can be very
reassuring for them to know that you are still around.


www. jobcentreguide.co.uk provides an abundance of information on vacancies and also free CV advice, which is especially helpful if you are out of practice in the art of selling yourself to a prospective employer. You can register your CV on line with any number of agencies, such as www.reed.co.uk, which show jobs in your area, and assist with careers
advice. If you prefer to register in person, pop into your local Job Centre or Recruitment Agency. These are all positive moves which will help you feel more confident and in control.

There are many ways to research information about employment. The library and your local college are good starting points. Libraries often have computer terminals available for public use, and some run courses if your PC skills need polishing.


Find out what your entitlements are. Check out www.direct.gov.uk to find out about pensions, earnings and tax. If you prefer to talk to someone in person on the phone, ensure you have all relevant information to hand: P45, NI Number
etc. Even if you’re only entitled to a few pennies at this stage, the important thing is that you are registered. Other benefits may come your way later.