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Signs of an imbalanced diet

What are the health issues and diseases linked to an imbalanced diet?

What are the visible signs of an imbalanced diet?

Some behaviour issues and problems are associated with an imbalanced diet.

The signs of an imbalanced or poor diet can manifest itself in a number of ways. It’s as well to remember that an animal that is under or overweigh is either getting to much or not enough nutrients thus the diet is not balanced.

A good balanced diet actually starts before the puppy or kitten has even been born. Poor diet fed to a pregnant mother can for example compromise the skeletal development of the youngsters potentially leading to orthopaedic issues later in life.

An imbalance of nutrients can cause the heart condition called myocarditis if the diet is deficient in certain mineral and/ or vitamin deficiencies

Obesity especially in older dogs whose exercise regime decreases, can lead onto problems such as:

  •  Skin & respiratory disorders.
  • Renal dysfunction.
  • Increased risk of diabetes and some cancers.
  • Reduces longevity and quality of life.

Malnutrition can lead to:

  • Poor overall body condition.
  • Dull coat, flaky, itchy and sore skin.
  • Teeth and gums are in poor health, there is a buildup of plaque, bad breath and even swollen gums.
  • Faeces ranges from diarrhoea to constipation, large in volume and smelly.

Some behavioural problems can also be attributed to a poor or imbalanced diet:

  • Unexplained aggression.
  • Mood swings.
  • Activity levels ranging from being lethargic to hyperactivity.

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