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Happy 1st birthday for Family Hubs!

Family Hubs were formed to deliver services for families a year ago.

They have developed the Children’s Centre approach of family focus and are  reaching out into communities across West Berkshire.

As part of the transition,  Family Hubs were strategically organized into three areas across the district, with their main sites in Thatcham, Calcot & Newbury.

There are now thirty plus  Family Hub ‘community delivery points’ from Hungerford and Kintbury in the west to Theale and Mortimer in the east.

Lynne Doherty, West Berkshire’s Executive Member for Children and Young people said, “I’m delighted by the success of the Family Hub model in their first year of operation. Since introducing the community delivery points, our engagement with parents and carers has risen significantly and exceeded our expectations in what was expected to be a period of transition.

“Family Hubs operate on a leaner structure, with less physical buildings and more outreach into our communities. This is proving to be extremely effective  and popular.”

In the last year, many families have benefited from a whole range of drop ins, stay play and learn sessions and adult learning opportunities in the network of venues which form each Family Hub.

Parents say: “I have taken skills from here and made activities for my older daughter to help her in school”.
“It is amazing how having some friends can make you feel”.
“I am just so glad I can get to the Family Hub, it has been a lifeline.”