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Doctify.co.uk celebrates two years disrupting the healthcare industry

It’s been two years since Stephanie Eltz couldn’t find a dermatologist and decided to create a marketplace platform to help others do just that. Eltz, along with fellow Orthopaedic Surgeon Suman Saha and ex-business consultant Daniel Jung, have now grown Doctify.co.uk from conception in 2015, to a team of over 30. More than 50,000 people across the UK using the website to find medical professional every month.

Doctify has worked hard to improve the process of booking a medical professional, promoting transparency as beneficial for both patients and specialists. As with all disruptive technologies, altering a traditional system has not been without its challenges. But the medical industry is embracing this search, compare and book website. The Doctify client base continues to grow, and today Doctify now has specialists on board from across 50 different medical specialities.

CEO Oliver Thomas comments on this achievement. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see the dream of Doctify being realised. Over the last two years, we have succeeded in disrupting the healthcare industry by transforming how patients and medical practitioners interact – providing a transparency that wasn’t there before. Our client and user base is constantly expanding and the technology continues to develop to better serve everyone.”

The platform’s technology is evolving and changing along with the needs of the users. “As we learn more and more about what our patients and medical specialists need from Doctify, we make changes.” Thomas says. “Tweaks are constantly made to the technology – some as basic as improving the loading speed of our website and app, others much more elaborate.”

With average increases of 25% in patient bookings and 22% in revenue, month on month, the future’s looking bright. Doctify’s recent partnership with global eyecare company Optegra is indicative of the company’s growing alliances in the healthcare world. “Seeing our progress over the last two years, it isn’t crazy to expect that this new way of interacting and engaging with healthcare will be the norm in the UK in two more years, as it already is in the United States and Europe,” says Thomas.

Eltz (now also Head of Growth) agrees. “We have immense pride in our product, and how we are improving the communication process between patients and medical specialists. Their needs are our priority, and this drives us to constantly improve our product by considering their feedback.”

In regard to the Doctify team’s growth, Eltz reflects on the learnings gained from all the people who have come on board since 2015. “Since our first hire two years ago, we now have over 30 employees. When hiring management, we have learnt to consider how they will lead and inspire their own teams. The energy comes from the top down, so thinking long term about company growth with this in mind is crucial.”

“The biggest lesson of all in the exciting startup world, is perhaps how to keep pushing and adapting to growth and constant change. We have learnt to celebrate the wins, however big or small. As the company matures, so do the expectations of your team, your investors and yourself. Taking the time to acknowledge on how far you’ve come is so important for maintaining motivation to drive forward,” concludes Eltz.