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Back to school aches?

It’s that time of year again, when the new school year is upon us and we are buying all the school essentials to put in little ones bag. But is their bag causing them aches and pains? Here are some tips to consider! (Yes, your teens may complain!)  Make sure the bag is the correct size. The bottom of the bag should be resting in lower curve of the back and the top of the bag, just below shoulder level. A bag with a waist strap also helps to distribute weight. Some bags also have additional spine support.   l Look for bags with wide, padded straps as narrow straps can cause nerve compression in the arms.   l Make sure the bag doesn’t exceed 20% of the child’s weight as excessive weight causes stooping and rounding of the shoulders.   l Use both straps rather than slinging the bag over one shoulder which creates an uneven weight and changes the centre of balance. Doing this long term can cause postural scoliosis, which is a C or S shaped curve to the spine.   l Place the heavier items in the bag, closer to your spine at the back of the bag.
Note: I will be back from maternity leave, part time from August 9th.

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