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Have you ever wondered if the work from home opportunities actually work? Well I’m living proof that it does.

My name is Jo Scott and I’ve been running my own home based business now for three and a half years, which has paid me more income than my previous 9-5 corporate roles.  My background was in sales and my job needed to change when I had my little boy Dexter.   I didn’t want to be the busy mum always on the road working away from home so I was desperately looking for something that I could do from home and that’s when I was introduced to an opportunity by a friend and it ticked all the boxes.   In this short time I have built a booming global business and my family have travelled to places such as Johannesburg, Greece and Dubai all expenses paid by the company.   I’m now helping many people locally and globally who are looking for the flexibility of earning an income from home part time or full time.

“ I’m helping many other people locally and globally to achieve the work life balance like me. ”

Are you looking for a change? If so I can help you, please get in touch.
Jo Scott 07887 516676