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Unexplained Knee pain?

Do your knee hurt and grind for no reason at all? If there hasn’t previously been a fall, knock or giving way of the knee, then it could well be linked to your back.
Over time, if we don’t use any muscle in our body correctly, they switch off and become lazy. This can have long term effects to our whole body, especially if the most important stabilising muscles are affected, as everything in the body is connected!

Patients are always surprised when I tell them a muscle is weak, because the muscle to them feels “firm.” If the muscle feels “firm,” but still feels quite sore when touched, then it is more likely to be weak.
In the case of unexplained knee pain, the muscles in our back and gluteals are often weak (especially those with sedentary jobs). Those muscles then pull tight and shorten, pulling on all our muscles in the upper thigh (particularly the quadriceps at the front). The quadricep muscles all attach onto the knee cap, so if the muscle shortens, our knee cap is pulled, which effects how our kneecap tracks across the joint. This can cause a grinding or clicking pain, usually on bending and straightening of the knee.
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