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Extend the Life of Your Summer Wardrobe

By Janine Silver

Not ready to say goodbye and stash your warm weather closet staples? As the temperature drops, keep your favourite items in the rotation with the help of a pair of tights.
While tights themselves are relatively new, hosiery in general has been around for centuries. In the 9th century, they were fashioned out of bandages wrapped around the legs. Later on, in the 16th century hand-knitted stockings from Spain made their way to England.
In 1938, Dupont introduced Nylon stockings and by 1949 nylon covered legs sporting black. However, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that Aristoc designed tights, which were then perfected even more in 1968 by Pretty Polly.
So how do you pick the pair that’s best for you? When choosing a pair of stockings or tights, there’s a few different things to look for; colour, texture and opacity, but none are more important than the denier count.
Denier is the weight of the fabric. You can tell a lot about the tights by this number. Hosiery with a high denier number tend to be stronger, thicker, more opaque and more durable. When looking for a warm pair, choose one with a denier number of 40+. During the winter months a denier of 80-200 is an ideal range to keep your legs toasty.
Black tights are always an autumnal staple for me. However, hosiery is a great place to add a pop of colour to your look, as well. (Try a burgundy shade for a really trendy look!) I recommend pairing them with thin short skirts and cozy knits, layering them under sundresses or even wearing a thin pair under trousers on the coldest of days to stay both stylish and warm.