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Police advice – Forward thinking to keep your home safe as the clocks go back

There are traditionally more opportunist burglaries at this time of year so it makes sense to review the security of your home.

Burglary Prevention Tips:

You can help reduce the chance of your home becoming the next target by following these tips:

  • Do not leave your home in darkness advertising the fact there is no one at home. Invest in a timer light switch and vary the time it comes on each day to make it look more natural.
  • l Keep valuables out of sight.
  • Register your valuables via www.immobilise.com and keep an inventory list. It is free and takes just a few minutes.
  •  If you are going away over the half-term holiday, remember not to post details of your holiday on social networking websites.
  • Look out for your neighbours’ houses, and call 999 immediately if you see anything suspicious.

If you have jewellery at home, photograph it for insurance purposes and consider storing it in a suitable safe.Jewellery