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Shoulder Impingement

One of the most common conditions of the shoulder that I treat, is an impingement and they can be a nightmare!
What is it?
In our shoulder we have 4 key rotator cuff muscles that help to stabalise the joint, the most known being the supraspinatus as its the most likely to get injured! The tendons of these muscles can become irritated and inflammed when they pass through the sub acromial space (an area between 2 bony prominence’s in the shoulder).
Causes usually include repeated activities (particularly overhead), osteoarthrosis, weakness of the rotator cuff, anatomical abnormalities, neck problems, injury or poor physical condition. The pain is usually situated at the front of the shoulder joint but can extend into the outer aspect of the arm, it is usually dull but can be sharp on certain movements. Other symptoms include weakness, loss of shoulder mobility and is usually worse at night.
This condition can usually be treated effectively with manual therapy and strengthening exercises, however shoulder impingements are one of my highest reasons for referral to a surgeon. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice.

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