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6 Decades of Lulu

All About The Music Tour celebrates six decades in the music industry how do you keep the magic alive?
Six decades is amazing! You know the weird thing is I have to say “It’s really been that long?” They say time passes really fast when you are having fun and I could apply that to me. It’s happened without me even blinking because this is what I live for, I live for music. It’s a blessing in my life.
How do you keep the shows exciting for you and the audience?

First of all I’ve only been with this band for around 4 years and that’s helped shake things up. They’re all younger than me, so there’s a young energy which I love. We keep it fresh and new and the great thing is these guys are influenced by the same music that I was and still am but they have a new slant.
You were one of or the first female artist to play an Eastern bloc country in 1966 what was the experience like, considering you were only 17 or 18.
I was with The Hollies and it was scary. It was cold, the place was very run down and there were bullet marks on buildings. There was debris and there was a lot of poverty. It was also memorable because when we did the concerts there were guards all around watching the audience, so they didn’t stand up or get excited. When they started to get excited the guards slapped them down.
Do you think today’s young female bands and artists are under too much pressure to look good?
YES. Now it’s world domination or nothing, and that is tremendous pressure – and you’ll be dropped like a hot potato if you don’t sell a certain amount of records. It was different back then.
Do you listen to new music artists?
Yes I do. I know a lot of people my age sit around and listen to old music but that’s not what I do. I listen to lots of stuff, old and new. The new Lady Gaga record is great, I love Zayn Malik, Adele, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Sigma – and I think Beyoncé has done something that no other black female has done. She is a consummate entertainer. I just get so excited by so many artists. I also love Paolo Nutini – Paolo is the real deal; he’s a real blues singer. I also think Calvin Harris is doing the most unbelievable work. There is so much I enjoy.
In your experience, what gets easier as you get older?
Most things become easier because I live from a position of having gratitude. I’ve become philosophical, and as tough as it is for me not to kneejerk into a negative place when things go wrong, I always have a way of getting back and looking at acceptance of what is and what I can’t change. It doesn’t happen in a flash; it’s a process, and I now have the support and the tools to process.
And what gets tougher?
Maintenance. It’s a bitch…ha-ha! There’s a big piece of acceptance in growing older. I look at myself and go ‘oh my God’. You never really thought this would happen. When you have success at a young age, the pop star sort of thing, you think you’re invincible, so it’s a shock to see that you are not.
If someone had told your 15-year-old self you would have this life ahead of you what would you have thought?
I would have said are you having a laugh, because I have had such an amazing life! How could a young 15 year-old have predicted the way my life was going unfold? It has been a roller coaster…I thought I was going to be a singing hairdresser who never left Glasgow!