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Eli S. LeJeune

An Author from Reading has Written a Book about the Science Behind the Creation of the Planet, and How Spirituality is the Key in an Age of Science and Technology.


Berkshire author Eli S. LeJeune is set to release his book at the end of this month; The Story of Humankind is a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the scientific accounts of the creation of the universe, the physical origins and evolution of mankind, and the continuous search for spiritual fulfilment.


To ease the reader into a thrilling an intriguing study, LeJeune’s introduction is easy on the reader. It clearly sets out the most recent scientific discoveries concerning the creation of the universe and physical origins of life without drowning the reader in jargon. The author conveys the wonder and mystery of the process by which a few small bundles of self-replicating cells have evolved – over billions of years – into all forms of life on this planet, including, of course, Homo Sapiens.


What is the explanation for the existence of suffering and evil? What is morality? What is free will? What is the impact of spirituality and religion on our lives today? The one thing the author is sure of is that spirituality cannot be ignored in these days of science and technology.


Expand your knowledge as you delve into the history and science of our planet. Learn of the past to lift your eyes and look to the future.


Eli S. LeJeune graduated from Sheffield University and worked in a financial and commercial environment both abroad and in Britain. He has spent the last twenty years studying natural history, anthropology, the evolution of ethical ideas and the interface between science and religion. After giving a series of lectures on the subject to people from all religious backgrounds, he decided to put pen to paper. Eli lives with wonderful wife Rosalie and has three wonderful daughters.


The Story of Humankind, published by Austin Macauley, will be available to purchase from 29th September 2017. For more information, please visit www.austinmacauley.com