• Donnington Grove

CLOSED Win a meal for 2 at the Woodpecker from either the Christmas Menu or regular menu

A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY… This pub used to be unique – until recently the only one called The Woodpecker in the country. Until the early 1970s it was called The Derby Arms, but an association with Bulmers led to the pub being named after their brand of cider. The name is appropriate as the century-old pub was originally a cider house. The address, Wash Water, holds an interesting historical anecdote as it was named after the spot, on the River Enborne where women washed troops’ clothes during the Battles of Newbury in the Civil War. The pub originally had two bars and a snug, but all the bars have now been knocked into one. The result is a bright and cheerful pub THE WOODPECKER. WASH WATER, NEWBURY, BERKSHIRE RG20 0LU *Does not include drinks