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Defibrillators in the community

Whilst many have been enjoying their summer, away on holidays and so forth the Heartstart Thatcham team have been busy supplying and organising placement of defibrillators.

The team have worked with local residents and councils to place units in Padworth, Stanford Dingley and Midgham. Stanford Dingley residents had theirs placed in a phone box which also houses books for local residents to swap and the first one of our units to be placed in a phone box.

The latest unit was unveiled at the start of September in Midgham. The team have been working with the council and residents there to achieve this for some time and with such a widely spread population locating the unit was challenging. The Heartstart Thatcham team would like to see at least one defibrillator in each community and every school. Scheme Coordinator, Nick Young, said “when cardiac arrest strikes the sooner CPR is started and a defibrillator is at the scene the better the chance of survival. But also this is something that can happen to anyone, it does not discriminate, and we want to protect the whole community.”

The device at Midgham is something the whole community has been involved with. There has been a donation from a local resident which helped cover the cost of the unit, another local resident allowed for the device to be mounted on their wall and for use of their electricity, many have already undertaken training and they are also maintaining the unit themselves.

Defibrillators are used, in conjunction with CPR, to give someone suffering a cardiac arrest the best possible chance of survival.