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Is your back pain something more serious?

Every day I have to reassure my patients, that the death sentence they have diagnosed themselves with (having googled their symptoms) is actually something as minor as a muscle spasm. But when are your symptoms considered more serious?

Musculo-skeletal pain that is a secondary symptom of disease, is in fact, rare. If they do get secondary back pain, by that point, the person is usually aware of the disease. However that is not always the case.
On your first visit to an osteopath, We will take a case history where we ask general questions about your health. A lot of my clients think this is completely irrelevant, but it could pick up something life saving as we are looking for ‘red flag’ symptoms, such as:

l Pain grows steadily and is unaffected by movement
or position

l Worse at night

l Accompanying symptoms: fever, chills, dizziness etc

l Fecal or urinary incontinence

l Spinal rigidity with fever

l Numbness around the groin/ saddle region – symptoms
spreading into legs

l Light tapping of the spine is painful

l Unexplained weight loss

As its Men’s health month, I want to urge any men, particularly 50+ suffering from chronic and persistent lower back pain, as well as deep abdominal pain and a pulsation feeling near the naval, to visit their GP. These are signs of an Abdominal Aneurysm, which is a condition I regularly refer patients for!