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Festive Wellbeing

Christmas can be stressful, but doesn’t have to be. Here are our tips to a relaxing, enjoyable festive season.

Stay Hydrated:

Between bucks fizz’s, mulled wines, festive cocktails and all the afternoon teas your body will become dehydrated so get into the habit of waking up every morning and before doing anything else; drink a glass of water.


Try to be honest with people if you’re finding things overwhelming and you’re not feeling up to getting involved in everything. Don’t be afraid to cancel plans if you’re not feeling up to it. Sometimes you need to put yourself first.

Move your Lymphatic system – Daily detox:

Your lymphatic system is your waste removal system, think of it like the bin men. If they didn’t collect all the Christmas rubbish the bins would be overflowing. Your lymphatic system needs movement to get rid of toxins, used hormones and other waste products otherwise they overflow in your body wreaking havoc. Exercise is a great place to start; short bursts of jumping, dancing and sprinting are the best choices but walking also has it’s benefits.

Press pause
If you are someone who has a tendency to take on too much, the demands of Christmas can make this even worse. Remember you can only do so much, stop if it’s becoming too much and just try
to relax and look
after yourself.