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Gifts for Everyone- Two legs and four

Fart Blaster

This rude, crude and incredible fun gadget has four outrageous sound effects that are easily operated with the press of the nozzle.

Beer Freezer Pint Glass

No room in the fridge to cool your beer, because of all that leftover turkey? Do not fret. The Beer Freezer Pint Glass ensures that a refreshing pint of your favourite tipple is always at hand. No small beer!

Robot Nut Cracker

As well as colourful jumpers and Auntie Ethel snoring, nuts are a festive staple. But where’s that nut cracker when you need it? Fear not, for the Robot Nut Cracker is at hand. Simply insert the nut into the robot’s tummy, turn the key and, hey presto, the nut is cracked.

Bath Pug

Say goodbye to boring bath times with this adorable bath pug. Simply pop the plug into your bath and let this little guy float around in the bubbles with you. Fits all standard-sized bath plugs.

Price’s Scented Candle Jar – Mulled Wine

The perfect atmosphere for entertaining this Christmas.Fits all standard-sized bath plugs.

Daily Mood Flipchart

How are you feeling today, happy or sad? Inform your colleagues of your current emotional state with the Daily Mood Flipchart. Comes with visual smileys, sarcastic definitions, fascinating facts and sample sentences. Passive aggression has never been so much fun!

Everlasting Wine Glass

Life is too short for warm white wine. So when you’re gasping for a glass of adult’s little helper, but you haven’t got the time (or the inclination) to chill that bottle of Chablis, simply pour your beverage into this pre-frozen Everlasting Wine Glass and voila, instant ice-cold goodness.

Pet Photo Booth

Make your pets the star of the show with the pet photo booth. Ideal for cats and small dogs, you can send your beloved companion on their own animal adventure.
The set comes with five easy-to-assemble cubes all featuring exciting scenes turning your pet into a superhero, cowboy, Viking, astronaut any many more.

Turntable Scratching Pad

If you love your music then the turntable scratching pad could be the present for your feline friend. This gift provides owners with a miniature furry DJ and peace of mind that their furniture will be left looking pristine.

Floor Mat

Create hilarious photographs with your pet using one of our wacky floor mats with built-in fantastic optical illusions. Turn your furry friend into a giant with the miniature city cross road scene, an arctic explorer on the floating iceberg or even a bold adventurer peering into a mysterious tunnel.

DSLR camera in hand isolated

LaFerrari Remote Control Car 1:14 Scale with Opening Doors

This officially Licensed Ferrari 1:14 scale radio control car is based on the LaFerrari supercar, and includes working doors and lights.

Bitmore VR Eye Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Controller

Enter into a world of virtual reality using just this VR Eye Virtual Reality Headset and your smartphone. Simply download any of the hundreds of virtual reality apps and before you know it you’ll be walking with dinosaurs or riding roller coasters in your own home.
Compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones on the market with screen size of 4” to 6.5” and where the phone does not exceed a length of 17.5cm and a width of 9cm.

Unicorn Mood Light

This unicorn mood light is a colour-changing cheer machine! The seven different colours are sure to keep you happy and calm.

Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups: Bad Dad Jokes

You always swore it wouldn’t happen to you. And then you told your offspring to stop singing at the dinner table because it wasn’t the place for a ‘pop concert’. Congratulations, you are now a practitioner of the ancient art of Dad Jokes and you sir, require the Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups: Bad Dad Jokes!