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Thatcham House

Thatcham House is one of the hidden architectural and historical gems in Thatcham. Located in Turners Drive, in Station Road, it was built c. 1869 for Reverend Hezekiah Martin, who was vicar of Thatcham from 1866 to 1889.

The one feature that stands out is the imposing tower, the true use of it is unknown. Interestingly, it is said to be the same height, or close to, as the tower of St Mary’s. Reverend Hezekiah and his wife moved into the house, then a 30-roomed property, shortly after construction was finished in 1871. There would have been a long driveway from Station Road along with gardens and an Orchard.

Later, in 1902, Thatcham House was owned by the Turner family, two of whom were awarded the Victoria Cross: Alexander Buller Turner (1893–1915) received his posthumously for service in the First World War; his brother Victor (1900–72) was awarded his for gallantry in the Second World War. The property still stands today as offices.

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