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Are you stuck at feeling normal?

Have you forgotten what feeling great feels like?

OK, so it may be because its just been Christmas and the diet and the gym has gone to pot, but maybe you have noticed that everyday tasks, are getting harder because you can’t bend and stretch like you used to! So why not make the month of new beginnings, about improving your structure.

As Osteopaths, one of our founding principles is that your bodies structure, governs its function. So if you have joint restrictions and tight muscles that is going to affect how you function. Makes sense right? For example, can you no longer touch your toes without feeling a muscle pull? Or can you no longer easily look over your shoulder when driving? These are signs that your structure is imperfect and so you aren’t functioning like you used to.

Although these movements may not be painful and warrant your attention, they are already signs that your body isn’t functioning to its maximum ability and may actually someday lead to injury. I try to teach my clients that these are warning signs and that is the time to seek help, not to wait until the pain comes!

So as its a new year and a new beginning – why not just change one thing – your structure! Osteopathy can help you there!

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