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Digital detoxing

Imagine a week with no interruptions from phones, social media, office emails, even television; it’s just you, your partner and each other’s company.

If this sounds like the dream, you’re in luck as off-the-grid destinations and digital detox honeymoons in both back to- basics and luxury accommodation are a huge trend for 2018.

Pick a luxury eco-lodge such as Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica, which has no electricity in the rooms so you are free to enjoy the 10 acres of tropical rainforest and whitewater rafting experiences.

Pick an environment

If your budget allows, Black Tomato’s Get Lost service offers the ultimate off-grid adrenaline honeymoon, starting from around £15,000. Clients pick an environment (e.g. polar, desert, jungle) and are dropped off in an unknown destination (like Mongolia) and asked to explore their way out (under the watchful eye of a specially trained team, of course).

Exploring architecture

Pick from jaw-dropping cityscapes that’ll get every design-lover’s heart racing.

Barcelona and Berlin are two European treasure troves for architecture lovers, both balancing charming historic old towns with modern art, culture and technology. Barcelona showcases the best of the distinctive work of
modernist architect Antoni Gaudi, including the famously unfinished La Sagrada Familia, while you can savour everything from the iconic Brandenburg Gate to the striking Bierpinsel in Berlin.

Outside Europe, Istanbul in Turkey has been a famous crossroads for the Byzantine and Ottoman cultures, as seen in the Hagia Sophia mosque; Brazil’s capital Brasilia is defined by its aesthetic of Futurism; and Detroit in Michigan has re-built itself as an up-and-coming arts destination, clashing 1920s art deco with eclectic postmodernist styles.

Looking for something different?

After the intense stress of wedding planning, most couples traditionally hop on a plane to a beach resort for a week or two of romance and relaxing after tying the knot.

However, more and more newlyweds are choosing to buck convention and choose local or far-flung destinations offering adventure, personal enrichment and bucket-list experiences as well as serious romance for their honeymoon.