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Red or White

Experts who examined in detail the social habits of wine drinkers found their lifestyles really can be generalised according to their preferred wine colour.

Those who drink red wine are also more likely to have a degree, be married and drink more frequently than those who have a preference for white or rose.

But white wine drinkers are home-lovers who enjoy a holiday in the UK and are content with their position on the career ladder.

Outside of the workplace, red wine drinkers are most likely to be happily married, with 52 per cent having walked down the aisle and 86 per cent say their relationship is a happy one.White wine drinkers are also more likely than other wine drinkers to be happily single, with 85 per cent saying they are not looking for a relationship.

Researchers also revealed that red wine drinkers also enjoy spending the money they earn. A quarter of those who enjoy a glass of red take around three overseas holidays a year, with a third also taking three or more UK mini breaks on top of that.

As a result of their travel, with red wine drinkers visiting an average of 10 countries, 76 per cent consider themselves to be ‘cultured’. But white wine drinkers are more likely to holiday in the UK than overseas rather than travelling to far flung corners of the world.

Other traits red wine drinkers see themselves as include confident, relaxed, strong and intelligent.

White wine drinkers tend to use words such as practical, bright, shy, quiet and reserved when describing themselves.

When it comes to style, 59 per cent of red wine drinkers think they are stylish; with 88 per cent taking pride in their appearance. White wine fans are similar with 87 per cent taking care of their looks, and 56 per cent describing themselves as stylish.

Which one are you?