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Desk Neck

Do you get neck ache, back ache and stiffness, which you put down to bad posture? You may have Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS) which means there is a muscle imbalance between the muscles of the neck, shoulder, upper back and chest.

UCS is usually associated with desk workers as they tend to sit slouched for long periods throughout the day. As we tire, our head moves forward towards the computer screen. Scarily, for every 2 inches that our head protracts forward, approximately 20lbs of weight is added through our body!

So, why does this cause pain?

As the head moves forwards and our shoulders hunch, the muscles in our chest and the ones we use to shrug our shoulder become short and tight, while the muscles at the front of our neck and the ones in our upper back become longer and weaker.

Having this muscle imbalance for long periods of time can lead to the dreaded “hunchback.”

Other signs and symptoms of UCS are:

Increased spinal curvatures, winged shoulder blades, headaches, shoulder instability, nerve pain, rotator cuff problems and even osteoarthritis in the long term Osteopathy can help you.