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Unlocking potential

Harry’s parents were becoming increasingly worried about him, watching his self confidence evaporate. Frustrated and sad, he was beginning to believe he must be stupid.

“I know Harry is smart and he tries so hard. I just don’t get it.” His mother, Charlotte said.

Sarah, Clinical Director at The Key Clinic explained

“A child may be perfectly smart, but unable to access that intelligence, as something is literally blocking the way. It’s our job to figure out where those blockages are and then to remove them.”

Regular hearing tests had never flagged a problem, but the more advanced test Harry took at The Key Clinic showed Harry actually had hypersensitive hearing, making it virtually impossible for him to block out background noises. Nor could he hear every part of a word clearly. No wonder he was so easily distracted!

Harry carried out a 10-day course of Auditory Integration Training at the clinic, listening to specially modulated music through headphones. A final hearing test showed his hearing had normalised and the hypersensitivity was gone. His mother said the changes were quickly noticeable “I did not tell his teacher the work we had been doing at The Key Clinic, but she said today that he is paying much better attention in class and not asking for things to repeated so often.”

Further physical tests revealed Harry also had some immaturities in his nervous system, infant reflexes which should have gone by the time he turned one, were still locked in place. These were making many tasks extremely difficult. This is why Harry’s eyes struggled to read without skipping over words, why he would fidget, why catching a ball or getting dressed was such a challenge and why his handwriting, despite his best efforts, was always messy.

Daily neurodevelopmental movements were carried out with Harry, over a couple of months, in order to get rid of these early reflexes once and for all.

His mother was thrilled with the results “On returning to school, Harry gained an average of 20% increase in his exam results across the board – we could not believe it! “

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