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Your holiday tan awaits

With the promise of Summer on the way, many of us are perusing the latest holiday bargains online, dreaming of jetting off to faraway lands and reacquainting with the gym in preparation for the impending swimsuit season, but the question in the minds of many, is to tan or not to tan?

Vanity plays a part with many of us not wanting to ‘unveil the pale’ on a beach full of gloriously tanned people on the first days of our holiday but can added protection from overexposure and burning play a part too?

When talking skin preparation prior to a holiday where sun exposure will be drastically increased, advice is controversial, dividing and confusing at the best of times, but the fact remains, those with tanned skin are less likely to overexpose and burn during the initial days of their holiday and there is a huge difference between tanning and burning.

How do we tan?

Tanning occurs when special cells in your skin called melanocytes produce a brown pigment called melanin when exposed to sunlight. This is a good thing, because the brown pigment can help to protect your skin from some
of the sun’s rays. Burning on the other hand is completely unrelated to tanning.

In fact, the redness and soreness caused by sunburn, is a sign that the top layer or layers of your skin have been damaged beyond repair. This result is entirely the opposite to tanning, melanin production and its effects
on protection.

We have been tanning since the beginning of time where SPF did not exist and we all walked around naked. Thankfully times have changed but our bodies still perform the same amazing function and produce melanin to act as a natural protection against overexposure from the sun’s UV rays.

The more melanin in the skin, the darker the skin and typically, the closer a population live to the equator, the darker their skin will be. Isn’t life design clever? Our point is, tanning in moderation is what every single one of us is designed to do.

Individuals have varying capabilities when it comes to producing the protective melanin and those with red hair, light eyes and freckles are unable to tan in the same way as an individual with olive skin and dark hair and eyes.

At Consol, we have a specialist skin type quiz on our website at www.consol. eu whereby a recommendation of your skin type will be provided to you after answering a few questions based on your natural appearance and previous tanning capabilities. Once armed with your skin type, you will receive a professional recommendation for your sunbed session time to achieve tanning results.

World’s best

Made from the world’s best supplier Ergoline, our German engineered sunbeds are unrivalled in their class and provide exceptional tanning results with no risk of overexposure.

All Consol sunbeds are fitted with specially designed tubes that operate to the safe level of 0.3. This is measured as the same as sunbathing in the Mediterranean midday sun and since session times are in accordance with
your personal skin type, we eliminate the risk of over exposure and generate a deep, dark and long-lasting tan. At Consol, we believe in building a tan slowly and gradually, so we operate to the low and safe legal limit, but minutes are slightly increased. This process mimics natural tanning in a controlled environment. Our beds are extra-large, comfortable and designed to enable movement to ensure even and natural tanning results.

Vitamin D

In addition to looking great and minimising your risk of burning, UV light is also the best source of Vitamin D on the planet. Sun exposure is so important in fact, that a study of 30,000 women in Sweden monitored over a
20-year period found those that spent more time in the sun lived longer and healthier lives.

Although precautions do need to be taken, regular, moderate amounts of unprotected UV exposure are necessary for good health and for many of our customers an essential, intelligent and responsible part of holiday preparation.

We have a dedicated Helpline on hand 7 days a week from 7am until 10pm to answer any questions you might have about tanning and to assist in the membership process. Additionally, our shops are open 7 days a week from 7am until 10pm for your convenience.

Your holiday tan awaits. .