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Golf is a sport that appeals to many people. Whether you enjoy the competitive side or the fresh air and beautiful scenery, there is something for everyone. If a ‘birdie’ is something you watch in the garden and a ‘bogey’
something you wipe with a handkerchief – then it is time to read our ‘Starters guide to Golf’!

Golf clubs and bags

You are allowed to carry as many as 14 clubs in your bag, but you won’t need that many when you are first learning. Instead, start with a driver, a putter, a sand wedge and supplement those with a 6-iron, an 8-iron, a pitching wedge, and a fairway wood or hybrid with 18-21 degrees of loft.

These are the clubs that are the most forgiving and easiest to get airborne.

There are many different bags to choose from – ranging in price and quality.

Golf clothes

This really depends on where you wish to play golf. Some courses require a certain dress standard where others are happy for a casual code. But in general terms. . .

Men: A polo style or turtleneck shirt or jumper with trousers or if the weather permits, shorts.

Women: Blouses or turtleneck top, with trousers, shorts and mid-length skirt.

On sunny days remember your hat, visor and sunglasses. Trainers are normally accepted, but best to check beforehand