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Staying in a hotel over Easter?

Here are our Etiquette Tips

In much the same way that you most probably have house rules in your own home, there is a list of acceptable and unacceptable things you can do when staying in a hotel. Understanding and following these general etiquette tips will ensure you have an enjoyable, and trouble-free, break from your home environment.

Housekeeping Habits
Bed linen, bath towels and any other kind of frequently used item will quite likely be replaced daily. Staff will be on hand to clean up after you. However, do not be tempted to take advantage of this. Place all rubbish in the bin and aim to treat your hotel room like it is your own home. This includes keeping your own dirty laundry separate from the hotel’s linen. Some hotels provide clothes cleaning service and will list the appropriate action to take, in the guest handbook, if you wish to use this facility.

Be a Gracious Guest

Just because you are paying to stay at the hotel it does not mean you have to make demands. Unless your room is dirty, untidy or unsuitable for your needs being a gracious guest means you can enjoy your break without getting stressed. If you ask for room service or additional pillows etc. do allow staff sufficient time to fulfil your request before making further demands.

Tips for Tips

It is customary to tip the porter who delivers your luggage to your hotel room. It is also courteous to tip other members of staff who tend to your requests. A tip shows appreciation for the service you have received so it is recommended that you show gratitude. However, as a verbal thank you can also sometimes be sufficient, it is important to make sure you offer a tip to a staff member who has run more than one errand for you, or who has been especially helpful.