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You no longer have to live with pain

If you suffer from debilitating pain, such as osteoarthritis or a sports injury, you will know all too well how badly it can effect every day activities, your mood and even your relationships. It is hard to actually be yourself when every day feels like a battle.

You have probably been told that there are only two options: painkillers or surgery. “The trouble is, painkillers are like a sticking plaster, which don’t fix the underlying problem, can have side effects and the more you take, the more you need. Surgery, on the other hand, involves significant risks and is not always successful.” Sarah Warley, Clinical Director, The Key Clinic, Berkshire.

For the first time outside London, there is now a third option: Bioflex laser therapy is a clinically proven treatment which rapidly reduces pain and inflammation while actually repairing the underlying cause of the pain.

Developed by the renowned Canadian surgeon, Dr Fred Kahn, MD FRCS(C), it is used widely in hospitals US, Canada, Russia and the East as a powerful way to give the body the energy it needs to heal itself.

Over 4000 published research papers show:

l Treatment success rates of over 75% – higher than many types of surgery or drug treatments.

l Speeds up recovery times by 50-70%.

l It eliminates pain, improves joint mobility, reduces inflammation and improves blood supply.

l Rapidly regenerates new tissues, including bone, cartilage, skin, muscle and ligaments.

l Releases painkilling endorphins.

l No side effects and completely painless.

Bioflex Laser Therapy works by saturating the cells with light. This stimulates the cell ‘mitochondria’ – which are like the cell’s ‘battery packs’to produce the energy that enables the cell to function well and heal faster.

“I have suffered with arthritis in my knees for many years and have been on the waiting list for surgery. However, since starting Bioflex laser therapy, I no longer wake at night in pain, I can walk up the stairs once more, have stopped taking all the painkillers and don’t have to think about my knees all the time. I have even cancelled the surgery!” Mrs J Hatch, Ascot

A breakthrough in the treatment of:

l Arthritis

l Back and neck pain

l Migraine/ headaches;

l Shoulder pain

l Broken bones/fractures

l Muscle tears

l Knee pain

l Ankle/foot pain

l Elbow/wrist pain

l Hip pain

l Dermatological conditions

l Hand pain

l Concussion

l Facial pain

l Lymphoedema

l Fibromyalgia

l Gout